Monday, 24 June 2013

My Sparkling New Blog

As part of my Solar Bear's Apprentice work, I have to draw up a blog about my work in Solar Bear and here it is! My new blog! I haven't really blogged before and it wasn't really my forte with these kind of things but here goes...

I am Ciaran Stewart (dunno why I repeated this as it is in the info part but hey-ho!) and I am from the simple town of Ayr. Boring really. I have worked hard in building up skills and confidence so that I can become a professional actor. My history consist of being a part of youth theatres and doing productions in a local theatre companies but since two years ago, I have performed in various parts of Scotland such as Glasgow, Dundee and Fife! My experience of theatre has been wonderful and I do hope you don't mind me sharing me this information with you.

The quote that I have placed above is a quote by the fabulous Jenny Sealey of Graeae Theatre's company. She has welcomed myself and the other two Solar Bear's Apprentices (Ej Raymond and Connor Bryson) to see the rehearsal of "Iron Man". She had introduced us to the cast and the crew and said this quote which has stuck to my head to this day. It is lovely to say "Oh I loved this performance" "Oh this theatre company has been lovely to me" but it is also lovely to have a balanced criticism about the performance/theatre company. In my blog, I will be honest about what they do and their particular performances. I wouldn't be harsh or horrible or anything like that but I want to be able to express my opinion. It is not a form of a personal attack. However this blog would hopefully not turn into a moan and groan session.

Although I may be honest, I am still new to this thing and I am not as experienced as the other theatre bloggers but I am learning the ropes...

Hope you do enjoy the blog!

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