Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Few Months...

I am terribly sorry for not keeping up to date, I've been busy and not checking up my blog. I've realised that recently I've been doing a lot of stuff and not sharing it! I've been in Inverness, Pitlochry, London, Glasgow. I'm doing two courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and workshops lead by Solar Bear, working in the office, doing a show in the Arches on the 18th of December. I am too busy these days.

Well, I'm just relaxing in my bed, with my iPod next to me which I got for my birthday. It's one of these relaxing days (I like relaxing days...). I'm just having a think about the last few months, I've been doing a lot!

In October, I did an audition for Frantic Assembly and got shortlisted! Which is something I'm proud of considering that it is a physically demanding course and I'm not the world fittest person. Also I've been visiting Pitlochry Festival Theatre, observing their rehearsal process for "The Steamie" and interviewing their staff members. It was a different experience and the reason because it wasn't the kind of theatre I've heard of (I should but honestly, I didn't!). They do 6 shows a week during the summer season meaning they would have to constantly change the sets on stage and actors had to get into different costumes and different characters (they're in 4 shows a week...). Fascinating. I also joined a course which is called "Introduction to Acting Training" which is so far a fabulous course but challenging. We have our journals to do and try and remember what happened the week before as the course is happening every Sunday not everyday! Although it being every Sunday, it's hard to keep track but it ensures that you're able to connect with the class and keep in touch with them all. Also I've start Deaf Theatre Skills which runs every Tuesday night and it's going great so far. I've done it last year and I've enjoyed it immensely and I wanted to continue with it.

In November, I've visited the Citizens Theatre which was interesting. Met a lot of staff members and observed the rehearsals for Jungle Book (I'm seeing this tonight, can't wait!). I also went to London to see Deafinitely Theatre production of "Two" and it was fantastic. I got a bit emotional on some parts, especially the abusive boyfriend. That gave me a lump in my throat. Also met the co-founders of Handprint Theatre and also Reading University students.

In December, I went down to Inverness to visit Eden Court Theatre which is great fun. We helped to make props for the production of HUMMM-BUG! It was great fun and the show is hilarious even though it is for under 5s! If a 20 year old laugh at this show and enjoys the show then I'm pretty sure it's for all ages. I'm seeing it this Friday which I'm excited about.

Ok, I pinkie promise that I will blog more and I will keep you guys up to date with numerous of things that are happening. Next plan? Jungle Book at the Citzens Theatre, performance tomorrow and HUMM-BUG! this Friday. Then it's Christmas! In the New Year, I will be down at the Conservatoire a lot so if you're a Conservatoire student, please contact me. I got questions. Plently. It doesn't matter if you're in short courses or a full time student. Any courses will do. THANK YOU! (email: ciaran@solarbear.org.uk)

I'm freaking hungry and I haven't had lunch yet so hope this is interesting...

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